As we know in ancient stories, Phoenix is the name of bird, who rose to success from ashes, Phoenix Copier is a true example of rising from ashes & Mr.Gajanan Takale is a backbone behind that success story.

     Mr. Gajanan Takale,a retired primary teacher, really started it from zero,when he got retired from his service and incorporated by xerox center on 26th January , 2003.The most important thing to be highlighted here is that he was totally unaware and unknown to the technology, but he catched it up and started the business.

    Later his son, Mr. Prashant Takale ,a techno savvy person,who, was very much into the technology and management, took the business to grand success. A B.Sc (Hardware and Networking) graduate and management degree holder,used his knowledge and management skills and concepts for making this business successful, what it is today.

     Mr.Prashant's techno savvy nature, learning attitude, co-operative bent of mind, customer services and good management skills took the Phoenix Copier to great success and hoping for even better future.